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New Year’s Eve

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Years ago, Erica and I went down to Times Square for New Year’s. I bought tickets to a Broadway show and when it finished up we went out to watch the ball drop. It was cold, Erica was woozy on pain medication because of foot operation, and we couldn’t get very close to the action. This was long before the highly organized stuff that they have now. It wasn’t a good experience. Somebody threw up on my shoes in the subway on the way back.

Doing Times Square is a one-time thing. Everyone should do it once, nobody would do it twice.

Now, Erica and I watch “Meet John Doe” on video tape and watch the ball drop. We sip some champagne, kiss each other and go to bed. New Year’s ain’t no big thing anymore.


J. Erwine notified me today that I coerced enough harmonica players to vote, so my story Unplugged will make it into Wondrous Web Worlds 7 this time.

I snooped around StaticMovementOnline and I found the illustration to my story Grow Fins that will appear in the special February invitation only issue. I’ll wait until the issue comes out to show you, though.


Monday, December 25th, 2006

I had Christmas dinner with Justine, but I forgot to bring some of her presents.

Oh, well. All the more cheesecake for me.

Bah Hamburger

Monday, December 25th, 2006

I lucked out this Christmas, both Erica and Justine bought me things from the Kelly Freas estate. I got a very cool poster from Justine, and some signed Astounding Issues and cards from Erica. I collect Astounding Magazines.

This one is in perfect condition and is signed by Mr. Freas. It is also the January 1955 – Christmas 1954 issue (a good year if I remember right). It has an article by J.J Coupling and I intend to spend Christmas ignoring everyone and reading this issue.

I got lots of other loot!

Where do all the hippies meet?

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

South Street. South Street.

I did some shopping down in Philly on Friday. Traffic was killer and it took me 4 hours to drive home. I had a cheese steak at Jim’s Steaks. I took the Kodak, which takes a decent picture, but the flash wasn’t working quite right. I still can’t touch type on this little keyboard, so no descriptions. These are just pictures of street art and the Mexican death art at The Eye gallery.

Note: I confused everyone under 50. South Street is a street in Philadelphia. It’s like the Village in NYC. It is also a song from the 1960s about where all the hippies meet in Philly. Jim’s is the the main place to buy Cheese Steak in Philly, although many people claim Pat’s is better.

Larry’s Cruise

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

My brother Larry went on a cruise. Click the image.

The First few pictures in the camera are of floor tile.

My regular computer is broken and the computer that I am using has a tiny keyboard so this is all I can type.

The Secret Cheesecake Warehouse

Monday, December 18th, 2006

Erica and I went down to the Lincoln Park airport. Erica is a pilot and had to look at a plane.

We passed this sign

and we followed the signs to a warehouse in an industrial area.

Where they sell frozen cheescakes! They only do it for a feww weeks around the holidays. They are hardly ever open to the public.

The place is Ashley’s Farms and they supply fancy cheesecakes to NY city high end restaurants and also to fund raising groups. They make the cookie dough for David’s Cookies.

Erica and I stocked up on a large number of cheesecakes and dough for Christmas.

Getting Near Christmas

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

We cut down our tree last week up in Battenkill, NY. I forgot to bring the camera. Today, Erica cleaned up the living room and we put up the tree.

I put the candle lights in the windows. I tried to take a picture, but it’s not so good.

Justine, Erica’s sister, sent us three huge boxes of stuff. There were 5 laptop computers. Justine goes through them and three of the laptops were even better than the one I’ve been using. One of them will replace Erica’s desktop. One of the others is a very cute little Panasonic that has a tiny keyboard with Chinese (Japanese?) characters on it, but windows loaded up in English and I didn’t have any real problem with it except the keyboard is very cramped.


Saturday, December 16th, 2006

Things Magazine referenced this blog and called it “one of those wunderkammerblogs”. I like German composite words and I looked up Wunderkammer and found that it means:

Cabinets of curiosities (also known as Wunderkammer or wonder-rooms) were collections of types of objects we now regard as quite separate, but whose boundaries were in the Renaissance yet to be defined (Wikipedia).

I always thought that this was a personal blog used to keep in touch with friends. Most of my readers know me outside the blog, although lately I have had many readers that I don’t know.

So just for everyone’s future reference, Wanderings is a persönlichwunderkammerblog.


Friday, December 15th, 2006

In Heinlein’s Have Spacesuit Will Travel, Kip hears that his father is getting a royalty check. A man arrives, but he doesn’t look like royalty. Kip decides that this king or prince must be traveling incognito.

Anyway, I got a royalty check today from Gary Thomas (actually, a paypal payment). I sold him two stories, one for Amazing Heroes II, and another for Amazing Heroes III. It was a nice project with cool covers and the first story was one of the best that I’ve ever written.

After two years of sales in these two anthologies I made $3.71.

Gary did a great job on the production side. Perhaps he did not do enough to market these, but I don’t know. I can’t blame him for the state of the market for Spec Fic. I think it is very hard to create an anthology and then get anyone to buy it at prices.

Let this be a lesson to anyone trying to sell their stories. Get the money up front and don’t buy into the royalties or share of the profit schemes. Outside of a very small number of venues, there is no money in spec-fic.

My visit from royalty was very, very, very incognito.

Jimmy Fang Christmas Card

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Each year I look forward to Jimmy’s Christmas card. Back in the dark ages, when I was an IT Manager, Jimmy worked for me. He did a great job and went on to success in the big city.

I love watching his kids grow up a little more each year.

Free Name a Star

Friday, December 8th, 2006

Last night my site,, registered 150 stars and I received 6 paid “extras”. This morning there have been about 80 registrations and a couple of “extras”. I did some investigation and found that I am being linked from several discussion boards that are generating the hits.

My evil plan to make a million on the internet is finally paying off. If things go well, I will be retiring to a cottage on a cliff on the coast of Maine this spring. My novel will come out about twenty years after that. Somehow, these things never seem to work out, but I have high hopes. is still in little pieces, but if the free-name-a-star thing doesn’t keep growing, I am undaunted, and I will place my hopes on GThread. Next year the MLB Magic Number sites will certainly make a million dollars. There is opportunity everywhere.

I will try to expand my Spec-Fic Christmas cards to Blues Christmas cards over the weekend. There you go! Another million dollar idea. I already have Howlin’ Wolf with a Santa hat.

New Christmas Cards

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

I’ve added two new Christmas cards to my free Spec-Fic Christmas Cards program – HP Lovecraft and a picture with Heinlein, de Camp, and Asimov.

I will keep it online as long as I don’t get Boing-Boinged. Too many users and the blogs go down!