Anything you dream is fiction,
and anything you accomplish is science,
the whole history of mankind is nothing but science fiction.
- Ray Bradbury
July 20th, 2006

I Miss Star Trek

I remember coming home from college and stopping by Erica’s house (long before we were married). Erica’s Dad was a Trekky (sp?). I sat with him and watched an episode of STOS in COLOR! My parents had a black and white set. Because I was spending most of my time during the last original Trek year in New York going to college, I didn’t catch all of the last episodes. I once calculated the probablility of watching a random STOS episode and having it be one that I never saw. Over the years the probability has gone down, but it is not yet zero. There is still hope of catching an episode that I’ve never seen.

The problem is this: There is no Star Trek on TV! I can’t test my theory. I have the nagging suspicion that there is an original series episode that I can still feel the awe of a first viewing. I am also sure that there are Next Generation and Voyager episodes that I missed. (I don’t really care if I missed any DS9 or Enterprise chapters.) Everyone needs time to cleanse their pallete and watch the other garbage on TV for a while before they appreciate a good hour with trek. Star Trek will rise again.

A bad Star Trek episode is still better than the best prime time TV show. You know TV is bad when I look forward to the next Gillmore Girls. (Cool writing, cute chicks – I’ll watch it. Also, I get stopped on the street by people who think that I am Edward Herrmann. I sort-of look like a (younger) Richard Gilmore. Also, Lorelie’s real name is Lauren Graham – a distant cousin?)

Sunday, I bought a large bag of loose books on tape for $5. It was about 50 hours of listening. It included the audio abridgement of the book adaptation of the movie Generations. Without the hammy acting and scenery chewing that goes along with the remarkably low talent trek actors, the story is not half bad. I am getting my Star Trek fix, these last two days.

Amazon.com: Star Trek Generations Cassette: Books: J.M. Dillard

3 Responses to “I Miss Star Trek”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought you knew that I had the complete tapes for STOS, STNG, STDS9 and STV…..I’ll send them to you if you want them…..but don’t sell them!

    I bet you know who this is…….

  2. E.Jim Shannon says:

    Hey Keith,

    WE have all the Star Trek shows currently running on Space here in Edmonton. Soon to be owned by Bell Global. However we don’t have the Sci-fi channel and I cant get ECW wrestling :-(

    I took a shot of STOS off the Tv screen just now. I’ll post a pic for you on my Blog


  3. E.Jim Shannon says:

    Um the description of todays show that is.

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