Anything you dream is fiction,
and anything you accomplish is science,
the whole history of mankind is nothing but science fiction.
- Ray Bradbury
September 30th, 2014


Here is another leap into the future. A very good drone with a camera can be had for about $500. You can spend even more than that if you want to get fancy. You get a small helicopter-like device with a camera and as much as an hour of flight time. There is practically no way to regulate them, other than shoot them down.

This very impressive YouTube video shows the crowds protesting in Hong Kong. The people are angry because the candidates for office are chosen by the party and don’t include people that are truly representative of the people’s wishes. Watch the video and get an idea of the size of the crowd, but pay attention to the power of the technology.

You will be seeing much more of this in the near future.

September 29th, 2014

Steps towards the future

When I work on short stories, which is not so often lately, I try to get back to a story called “The Last Hacker Convention”, where a bunch of aging hackers in their 80s meet for one last convention. They are overwhelmed by the modern tech, but they are able to overcome it and dominate. Fun stuff.

One thing that I need is a massive peer based network for all communications. There used to be a BBS system in the 80s called FIDO where you cold connect to another FIDO node that connected to another in a huge mesh so that with only local calls you could communicate to people all around the world. Imagine that FIDO has come to cell phones and you get cell phones that communicate with each other rather than cell towers. No more paying the phone companies, just join the network and you can talk for free with cell phones through this vast peer to peer cell phone network.

Today I saw an article in Technology Review about a FIDO-like network that some larger companies are working on.

Upgrade to LTE Will Let Phones Talk without Cell Towers, Allowing New Forms of Social Apps and Advertising | MIT Technology Review.

In addition to that I saw in Microsoft Prediction Lab that is right out of John Brunner’s Shockwave Rider. Brunner’s work describes the internet in great detail long before it existed and thought that it would be used to unite people by gathering their opinions. Brunner’s protagonist manipulates the results of the opinions using a “Worm” (long before internet worms or viruses). I want to have the attackers manipulate a similar consensual reality of the local networks using the peer to peer network.

September 1st, 2014

Alden and Weird Uncle Keith


August 31st, 2014

Cleaning out Camera part 2

Here is a couple of shots that I took when Erica and I were walking around Rockland Lake last November.

August 31st, 2014

Cleaning out Camera

I took some pictures of the bees today (which somehow were lost), but I found these images on the camera that I used. I don’t think that I’ve ever shown them.

Here is Erica and I cutting down a Christmas tree last year. I put up the video, but these are the stills that I took.

August 18th, 2014


I own a bunch of domains like www.jt30.com and www.cthreepo.com. I make some money off of them, usually enough to pay for the domain registration. It doesn’t cost me much to host them because I have a hosting plan that doesn’t charge extra for extra domains. A domain costs me $15 a year for registration fees (I use a company called NameBargain.com – less of a bargain each year, but it works well). If I don’t make $15 on a domain, I drop the domain.

I have been getting rid of the domains that don’t pay for themselves a few at a time. I just went through them again and I will be dropping a couple of more.

I am dropping:
AstoundingScienceFiction.com (Love the name, but I can’t keep them all).
kpgraham.com (I still will have KeithGraham.com)
gthread.com – used to be my idea testing site
jt-30.com – not jt30.com which makes money
harpamp.com – not harpampS.com with an s, which makes a little money
I am thinking about dropping
audiocd.com – cool name that makes no money
freenameastar.com – used to make some small change, but no more.
These last two are sentimental. AudioCD was the first domain I registered, and FreeNameAStar was just starting to catch on before International Star Registry threatened me with a law suit and I had to close it down.

This will save me about $100 a year.

I am not getting out of the domain business. I put in two bids on domains that are expiring. One is a microphone company that was big in the 40s and 50s, but is out of business. Its domain name is expiring, but I think the name recognition might fit in to my harmonica sites. Another domain is for a small time book seller site that had a very cool name and a loyal following. I would like to move my “promotional” kindle book search to the site and make it so authors and publishers can add their own books to the site – and I want to make it so the original owners can add books if they want.

I will know if I get the new domains around the end of September.

Another issue is that I need to get rid of CCBlues.com. I don’t want to host the site anymore, but the group running it now are non-technical and couldn’t manage the transfer.


August 17th, 2014

Miller Airport in West Nyack

Many years later, Larry and I would go down here. The airport was long gone, replaced with a dump and an amusement arcade.

August 15th, 2014

Explore the Tate Gallery at Night

A while back I was collecting dead Roombas and saving up to buy a programming interface. My idea was to equip the Roombas with a camera and let them loose in a museum so that people from around the world could virtually explore. (An added advantage is that the museums would be cleaned by the Roombas.) I gave up after a while because it was going to cost me a few thousand dollars and I didn’t see any way to make the money back, soon. I still have a pile of dead Roombas in my office. Some actually aren’t that dead and still work, although Roomba battery life is very limited.

Someone at the Tate Galleries in Britain had the same idea. They have four robots that you can control to explore the museum. The Tate in Washington D.C. is my favorite art museum, and I would love to explore the British Tate. Here is the link:

August 8th, 2014

How to Use Your Cat to Hack Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi

I saw this article about a device that you put around your cat’s neck and it searches for wifi connections in your neighborhood. You could then use this information to get free internet.

How to Use Your Cat to Hack Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi

I have a bunch of cats but they are all pretty lazy and most don’t go more than 20 feet from the house.

August 2nd, 2014

Taurin Tales

I have a story about half written that was intended for this anthology. If I finish it, I want it to go into the next one. If this volume is not supported, there won’t be a next one, and my story will be an orphan. Please follow the link and pledge $10. The editor, J Alan Erwine is a great editor and bought my first story. For $10 you’ll get a copy of the book, and I am sure it will be a good read.

August 1st, 2014

The shrinking evolution that turned T. Rex to Tweety

I saw this interesting story on Dinosaur evolution:

My chicken Sadie has always known that she was descended from vicious predators.

July 31st, 2014

Rising Moon and Milky Way Glow Above Maine Lighthouse

Around here you can’t really see the stars. When I’m on vacation in Maine it is different. Here is a beautiful picture of the night sky over Pemaquid Lighthouse. Click the link below to see it.


July 29th, 2014

Better than Fiction

Mom has complained that I never blog anymore. The job that I have makes doing anything except work very difficult. I am usually too tired to blog when I get home.

I get Google alerts on my name to see what people might be saying about me. Nobody cares much about me, but there are lots of Keith Grahams out there. These Keiths are from all walks of life, saint and sinner and everything in between. I hope that they don’t mind that when they Google their names, they get me.

I found this reference to a Keith Graham in Texas and it sounds like an episode of Breaking Bad. It is my namesake’s appeal for a conviction on possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine).

Why not? When you’re done, you’re done.

In January 2004, Detective Clark of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department seized a methamphetamine lab located on Main Street in Houston.   Around this same time, Detective Clark observed a dark blue Ford pickup truck with a bright orange tailgate parked outside this lab.   Detective Clark discovered that this truck was registered to appellant, Ronald Keith Graham, who was apparently known as “The Professor” in the illegal narcotics community.   Appellant was not present at the time the Main Street lab was seized, but his girlfriend, Tania Nieves was arrested in that seizure.   Detective Clark learned that the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles had issued a felony arrest warrant for appellant based on an alleged parole violation.

Upon further investigation, Detective Clark located Nieves’ residence at a motel in Manvel, Texas.   On April 20, 2004, in an attempt to find appellant, Detective Clark followed Nieves from the motel to a travel trailer located behind a concrete plant near Highway 6 in Manvel.   Detective Clark spotted appellant’s truck outside the trailer and contacted Sergeant Floyd Goodwin of the Texas Department of Public Safety and Deputy Tony Pena of the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department.   Sergeant Goodwin and Deputy Pena immediately joined Detective Clark at the scene to conduct a felony arrest.   Sergeant Goodwin and Detective Clark approached the trailer and announced, “Police, arrest warrant, open the door.”   There was no response, but the door was partially open and Detective Clark called out, stating, “Mr. Graham, open the door.   Ronald Graham, open the door.”   Detective Clark saw a head rise from a bed adjacent to the door, and he immediately recognized appellant from the parole photograph.   Upon identifying appellant, Detective Clark and Sergeant Goodwin pushed the front door open and entered the residence to make the arrest.   The officers conducted a protective sweep of the trailer, and during this time, saw what appeared to be a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory.

After arresting and handcuffing appellant, the officers escorted him back to the patrol car to request consent from appellant to search the trailer.   Sergeant Goodwin advised appellant of his rights.   When asked, appellant indicated he knew how to read and Sergeant Goodwin read to him from a consent-to-search-form, and also removed the handcuffs from appellant so that appellant could read the document himself.   Sergeant Goodwin then asked appellant if the officers could search the trailer, and appellant responded, “Why not?   When you’re done, you’re done.”   After reading the consent-to-search form, appellant stated that he understood his rights and signed the document.   The officers then searched the trailer and its contents, discovering several containers that they suspected contained methamphetamine or were chemicals that were precursors in the production of methamphetamine.

Appellant was charged in a two-count indictment with the first-degree felony of possession of a controlled substance, and with the second-degree felony of possession of chemicals with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine.

May 24th, 2014

Rainbow over the Mall

Yesterday when I got off the bus at the mall, there was an incredible rainbow. My ancient android phone was off, but I was able to get it booted and took a picture before it faded all the way. The phone was on “video” and I thought that I was taking a still photo.

By the time I got it switched to still, the rainbow wasn’t as impressive.