October 15th, 2009

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New: Schenectady Writers Service.. I’ve transcribed some of my Priceless newsletter collection. Lots of good ideas!

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There are some posts and pages on this site that seem to upset people. They either like them or hate them, but for some reason they are mentioned in discussion forums or blog posts.

The webmaster, Keith P. Graham, has been contributing to this site for about 15 years. This is Keith’s personal website and does not claim to be an authority or an expert in anything.

Keith Graham has written and sold 50 or so Science Fiction stories. He plays very bad Blues Harmonica and keeps bees and sells the honey. Keith is a fairly famous computer programmer and hacker going back to the early days of the IBM PC. He has written thousands of programs for love and money including utilities, games and large financial systems for major clients like IBM, Lockheed and the City of New York.

The opinions expressed on these pages are my own and do not even pretend to carry any weight or authority. I write for my own pleasure. Please do not argue. Trolls will be banned. If you disagree with my opinions, you should get a website of your own, and maybe you will eventually get 10,000 hits a day, just like this site.

Keith P. Graham

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